Frequently Asked Questions
How does this work?

What is Music Star Marketing?

We are known in the music industry for over 20 years, and have recently partnered with to reveal music industry secrets to help the music community grow.  This includes bands, solo artists, musicians of all genres and styles.

Why are you revealing music industry secrets?

With thousands of inquires a week we decided to help musicians, bands and artists by guiding them through the music industry process, how to gain more fans, sell more music, push more merchandise and become successful as a musician / band / artist.

Why are the Video Courses so inexpensive?

We understand that musicians are budget minded – it’s a tough industry to be in that’s for sure.  We have discounted all our Video courses so that it is affordable for everyone.

Who are the video courses intended for?

The video courses we provide are intended for musicians who have little or no experience with the music industry.